ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a movement to connect local primary care teams with inter-disciplinary specialist teams to improve treatment for complex and chronic health conditions. ECHO uses technology to facilitate mentoring and knowledge sharing, enabling local primary care clinicians to provide best practice care for patients when they need it, close to home.

Description of the video:

Project ECHO is a performance optimizer. Think of it as a high speed internet connection for the
healthcare system. It spreads new medical knowledge throughout the healthcare system from university
medical centers and other specialty sites to the front lines of community care. Rather than information
flowing in one direction, community providers learn from specialists, they learn from each other, and
specialists learn from community providers as new best practices emerge. Under ECHO, community providers
use video technology to participate in guided practice with specialist mentors. They acquire new skills that
allow them to treat patients that they otherwise would have referred out. Patients with complex chronic
conditions get high quality care where they live from providers they know. No waiting months to see a
specialist. No long drives back and forth to get critical care. ECHO exponentially increases access to
specialty care by moving knowledge instead of moving patients. Suffering and pain are reduced, and lives
are improved and even saved. Project ECHO - changing the world fast.

Experts at Indiana University School of Medicine and the Indiana University Indianapolis ECHO Center are leading ECHO programs that are freely available to all providers. Visit the individual ECHO program sites below to learn more and register.